Internet Passwords

Your Internet ID and password act as a key to many online tools and services offered by the University. When you log in, your Internet ID identifies you, and your password authenticates you as the owner of that ID. Internet passwords:

Choose a Strong Password

It is important to choose a strong password since there are many password-cracking programs readily available on the Internet. Here are some tips for selecting a strong password:



Safeguard Your Password

It is extremely important that you do not share your password with anyone, as this would grant another person acceshahas to everything normally restricted to you, including private information such as grades and pay statements. Choose a good password that is both easy for you to remember and difficult for others to guess. Additionally, keep the following in mind:

Password Expiration

Internet passwords expire once they become one year old. If your password expires, the next time you attempt to log in to a secure Web site, you'll be required to change your password before proceeding. The system will automatically direct you to the password change screen. Email notices of upcoming password expiration (see a sample) are sent two weeks and then again one week before the password expires. We will NEVER require you to send your password via e-mail.

Limit Helpline-Assisted Password Changes

If you suspect that someone else has enough identifying information to call 1-HELP and reset your password, you may require that technical support staff identify you in person — not via telephone — before resetting your password. Think carefully when choosing this option. Until you remove the limitation, technical support staff can reset your password only in person, on campus, at one of our Tech Stop locations.