Hosting Services

Hosting Services provides professionally supported portfolio of offerings to University faculty, researchers, and departments free of charge. The Service provide high quality enterprise infrastructure to support the goals and priorities of the University of Minnesota.

Service Offerings

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    Database Hosting

    IT provides a comprehensive, free of charge database hosting service to University faculty, researchers, and departments. IT database and systems administrators manage the infrastructure, hardware, software, operating system environment, backups, and security. The service supports Oracle, MySQL, and MS SQL.

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    Customers of our Server Hosting services can use our Monitoring service to collect data corresponding to target status or conditions for applications managed on OIT systems. This capability is achieved via several available mechanisms including agentless, active agent, and passive agent.

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    Self-Managed Environment

    SME provides infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS) free of charge to University faculty, researchers, and departments. This service allows for individuals to choose any OS and have complete administrative control of the virtual server. You provide tier I- and II-level support to the end users of the service; IT tier 3 level support to you and manages the virtual environment and the underlying physical infrastructure.

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    Fully-Managed Server Hosting

    University faculty, researchers, and departments can use University-owned and supported servers free of charge as part of the Hosting Service. The managed service supports both Windows and Linux OS. This includes maintaining and managing the infrastructure, operation system, storage, network, backups, security and patching.

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    Web Hosting for Departments

    The Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides a comprehensive, common good Web hosting service for University units that enables them to post their own content online. Content is securely managed via separate servers by Web developers from each local unit. Performance and Web traffic is monitored carefully and continually by OIT staff to maintain high levels of quality and performance.