Setup Guides

For most users connecting to the wired network is as simple as plugging an Ethernet cable into their computer's network card and launching a Web browser. In some cases, users need to set up their computers first. The guides in this section help with setting up your computer's network connection.

Preferred Setup

It is recommended that you set up your computer to use Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). Using DHCP has a number of benefits. It allows for better allocation of network resources, prevents address conflicts, and reduces configuration time and errors. Every time your computer connects to the Internet it is assigned a different IP address, allowing you to connect to network seamlessly no matter which Subnet you fall in. 

Alternate Setup

The Office of Information Technology does not recommend the use of fixed IP addresses. It is recommended that fixed DHCP settings are used when fixed addressing is a necessity. If after exploring DHCP and fixed DHCP options you need to use this configuration, click on the correct operating system below for instructions for setting it up.