Guest Access

"UofM Guest" SSID

Guests to campus may use the "UofM Guest" network for free. You can use any existing e-mail address to log in to this network.

Please keep in mind that this service intended for short-term usage by individuals who are not affiliated with the University. It offers no encryption and is limited in bandwidth and capacity to ensure secure and high quality service for University affiliates.

Managing Guest Accounts through Service Gateway

Service Gateway users have the ability create and manage Guest accounts at no charge.  This option is recommended for guests on campus who need a connection which is not rate-limited. Service Gateway wireless account management offers the following features:

Note: Departmental Service Gateway representatives are responsible for ensuring guests abide by the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy of the University.

Other Options for Guest Access

Presenters, conference attendees, and other official University guests should use one of the following options to request temporary access to the Wi-Fi networks:

Note: Sponsored accounts are available free-of-charge when requested by University staff and faculty.

University Students, Staff, & Faculty

University employees and students should log in to the "UofM Secure" network with their Internet ID (X.500) and password to take full advantage of the wireless network.