Constituent Relationship Management

Forward-looking colleges and universities are embracing constituent relationship management (CRM) business processes —and a corresponding set of software tools—in their drive to recruit and retain the most desirable students. A well-designed, CRM-based process enables the institution to build a deeper knowledge of its target constituents by tracking personal interactions, transactions, and communications using CRM software. The end result is a stronger knowledge of these audiences and better, more personalized service.

The University of Minnesota has chosen Salesforce as its enterprise CRM platform. We have formed a CRM Steering Committee that will ensure governance of its policies, data and functionality.

Service Offerings

  • Core CRM

    Core CRM

    Core CRM allows units to manage people, organizations, and interactions utilizing standard functionality.

  • UMN Crookston representative talking to a prospective student at the State Fair

    Recruitment CRM

    The Recruitment CRM facilitates managing and driving the undergraduate student recruitment process. Features include email tracking, email to case, customizable reports and views, public knowledge base, scheduling visits, batch loading of inquiries, test scores, and PeopleSoft applications. By centralizing data and interactions in the CRM, the whole team can work with prospective students and have complete and accurate picture of the recruiting data.

  • Staff member at TC One Stop talking to a student

    Student Services CRM

    Student Services CRM provides offices working with students the ability to track, manage, and report on the various types of student interactions and experiences at the University.