Use the Xythos Drive for Windows 64-bit Machines

Xythos Drive 64 allows Windows applications to operate directly on documents stored on Netfiles. For complete information see the Xythos Drive Win 64 release notes (txt).

Known limitations:

Installing Xythos Drive

  1. Download the Xythos drive.
  2. Double click on the file if it doesn't launch automatically.
  3. Click Continue through the installation screens and agree to the terms of use.
    Xythos Drive 64 Setup Wizard
  4. If you are asked for administrator credentials, provide them.
    Completed Xythos Drive 64 Setup Wizard

Using Xythos Drive for Windows 64

  1. When you log in, the Xythos drive will launch automatically.

    Xythos Drive Volumes

  2. To log in, select the volume name Netfiles Home and click the Connect button.
  3. Enter your Internet ID (the first part of your email address) as your username and your password.
    Xythos 64 Server Credentials
  4. A drive for your Netfiles space will show up as your N: drive in Windows Explorer.
    Netfiles Drive
  5. Advanced features can be accessed by right-clicking on a file / folder. 
    Xythos 64 Advanced Features