Use Dreamweaver to Upload Sites

Publish Webpages to NetFiles

  1. A problem exists with Dreamweaver's built in connection to servers with WebDAV set up as it is in NetFiles. Because of this, before you can use Dreamweaver to publish sites, you first must create a WebDAV connection:
  2. Launch Dreamweaver CS3 or CS4, and click on Site, New Site, then click on the Basic tab (if it isn't already selected).
  3. Complete the information:
    • What would you like to name your site? The site name is for you only. It does not show up anywhere on the website.
    • What is the http address (url) of your site?

      Editing Files

  4. At the "Do you want to work with a server technology such as ColdFusion, ASP.NET, ASP, JSP, or PHP?" prompt, select No, I do not want to use a server technology and click Next.

    Editing Files, Part 2

  5. Complete the information:
    • Select the Edit local copies on my machine, then upload to server when ready (recommended) radio button.
    • For "Where on your computer do you want to store your files?" click the folder button and select the location on your computer where the site's files are stored.
    • Click Next.

      Editing Files, Part 3

  6. Comlete the information:
    • For "How do you connect to your remote server?" select Local/Network.
    • For "What folder on your server do you want to store your files in?" click the folder button and select the drive you created the WebDAV connection for.

      Sharing Files

  7. Select the radio button No, do not enable check in and check out and click Next.

    Sharing Files, Part 2

  8. A summary of the site definition will appear. Verify all the information is correct and click Next.


Upload Your Site to NetFiles

  1. In Dreamweaver, find the Files panel, and click on the top folder in the file list.
  2. Click on the blue up-arrow Put button (second arrow from left), and then confirm that you want to upload the entire site.
  3. Dreamweaver will ask if you want to put the whole site up. Click Yes.