Set Permissions to Share Content

NetFiles allows users to share files and folders with other users. By using the sharing functionality, access can be granted to individual users or the general public. Sharing content makes it possible for multiple users to both view and edit content without requiring multiple copies to be maintained.

Every item is created with 3 sets of permissions:

The Shared To column identifies sharing settings as:

Access Controls

The four types of access controls are Read, Write, Delete, and Administer.

Read Permission

Read permission allows the user or group of users to view the file or folder only. If a user has read permission on a folder but does not have read permission on all of the contents of that folder, that user will not be able to view the entire folder listing of that folder. In other words, any file or sub-folder of that folder will not be displayed in the folder listing if the user doesn't have read access to them. The folder listing will succeed, but the list of files and folders returned might not be complete.

Write Permission

Write permission allows the user or group of users to edit the file or folder. Write permits the editing and viewing of the properties and contents of that item, as well as renaming the item, if the user also has delete permission on the item.

Delete Permission

Delete permission allows the user or group of users to move the file or folder to the trash.

Administer Permission

Administer permission allows the user or group of users to view a file's access logs, and set other management properties, such as turning on versioning and setting permissions.

Basic Permissions

  1. Right-click the selected file or folder, and then click the Manage - > Permissions option.
  2. Click on the Basic Permissions tab.
  3. Click the radio button associated to the user or group to which you would like to provide permissions.
  4. Selecting the checkbox associated to a user or group, and then clicking the Remove Access button will remove the user or group from the permissions to this file or folder.
  5. Clicking the Add User/Group button will bring you to the Sharing Wizard.
  6. Once all permissions are complete, click the Apply or Exit button.

  7. Note: the default is to provide inheritable permissions to the directory as well as sub-directories and files. Choose Apply the changed permissions to this directory only to share the file or folder without inheritable permissions.