Set up a Drop Box

A NetFiles dropbox is a secure file storage area which serves as an alternative to emailing attachments. A dropbox allows identified users to write files to the dropbox folder, but prevents them from viewing (reading) the contents of the dropbox.

Create a dropbox folder and assign inheritable permissions

  1. Select New Folder from top toolbar
  2. Enter Folder Name: i.e., Dropbox. Click Finish
  3. Select the Dropbox folder
    Dropbox Image 1
  4. Click Manage and Permissions
    Dropbox Image 2
  5. Click Advanced Permissions
    Dropbox Image 3
  6. Select the Read and Write boxes for Authenticated Users (or for the User/Group that needs access)
    Dropbox Image 4
  7. Click Apply
  8. Click OK to confirm the changes
  9. Click Exit to return to the folder to test

Provide users with the dropbox URL

  1. Select the dropbox folder
  2. Select Manage then Summary
  3. Copy the URL from Intellilink URL: i.e.,
  4. Paste the URL into a new message and send it to the users who need access to the dropbox

Important considerations: Allowing people to write to a folder may fill your space. Prevent this by setting a reasonable quota: click on the Manage icon next to the folder name, then click on the Storage Quota: link. Never allow unauthenticated users (the public) to read and write to the same folder. The potential for abuse is high and you are responsible for your own space.