Make Content Available on the Web

Space allotment

Each user is given 5 GB of space with NetFiles. You can use as much of this space as is available for personal webspace.

Create your www directory

Select New Folder
Enter www for Folder Name:
Select www folder, Manage, Permissions
Mark Viewer Read-Only permission for the Public group, Apply.

Web Settings

Your Webspace

The URL for this space is{Internet ID}/www where {Internet ID} is your Internet ID. If you would like, you can use your World Wide Web URL. Your browser will look for one of these files (in this order) to identify your homepage:

Note that these files are case sensitive. If your directory does not have one of these file in it, users who go to your site will see a listing of files in the directory.

Setting permissions

In addition to having your www folder be web accessible, you can make any folder in your NetFiles space web accessible to either the entire internet or just a small number of users.

The permissions you can set on any folder are Read, Write, Delete, and Administer.

Making a folder web accessible

To make a folder Web Accessible, you need to change the rights for Public from none to Read. For instructions, please visit the Make Folders Publicly Available page.

Setting up webspace for a group of authenticated users

NetFiles allows you to set up webspace to allow only a group of users you choose to access it. To do this you need to:

Using Dreamweaver to Publish to your webspace

If you choose, you can use Dreamweaver to publish your webpages.