Access Content

There are a few ways to access content which has been shared with you:

Search for Files

Searches allow you to search for files within your Xythos account. You may search for files you own as well as files which are not owned by you but for which you have access permission. There are three types of searches: Quick Search, Search and Advanced Search. Quick searches are based on the file name and file contents only, Search includes expanded options and Advanced Searches can be conducted based on multiple file criteria. You may both save and edit searches. 

Quick Search

  1. Enter file name or known file content information, press Enter.
  2. Once results are found, Save Search.


  1. Select down arrow next to Search.
  2. Enter known file name information under The file or folder name contains &/or enter File content contains, Search.
  3. Once results are found, Save Search.

Advanced Search

  1. In addition to above Search criteria, select down arrow next to Add More Search Criteria.
  2. To search by UMN Internet ID, select Owner from Select Property: field, Add.
  3. Enter Internet ID, Find User.  change where: to Username, OK.
    Find Users
  4. Select Search
    Advanced Search
  5. Select Save Search or Save Search Results to bookmark file(s).

Create Bookmark

  1. Select Bookmarks from gray top toolbar, Bookmark this Folder...
  2. Enter Bookmark Name:, Bookmark Location:, or Bookmarked File/Folder:, OK

Accessing a URL Sent to You

The owner of content can also send you a URL to allow you to access shared content by selecting Manage, Summary for the content to be shared: