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Find campus computing, networking, and telecommunications services and support.

Services & Technologies

With University academic technology tools, you can create and teach, or learn, with online resources in face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses.
Use University-supported technologies to communicate with large audiences, small groups or individuals.
Your Internet ID and password gives you access to many online tools and services offered by the University.
Access the Internet, University internal, and specialized research networks through wired and wireless connections.
With centrally-supported University hardware and software services, you can access and obtain support for hardware and software for free or at discounted prices.
Store, access, and share data, documents, and files, from text documents to research data.
Access systems that support grants and research projects.
Find technology and support services for producing and storing video, media, and graphics.
Use a variety of tools to publish, search, and measure traffic on websites.
Learn how to keep your computers, mobile devices, and data safe, both at home and at the U.