Technical Reference Model

The technical reference model (TRM) is a component-based technical framework used to categorize the standards, specifications, and technologies that support and enable the delivery of service. Technologies are categorized according to following designations:

Category Status Description
Incoming Pending A component that is under evaluation for acceptance; however there is no established use guidance
Supported Preferred A preferred component should be given preference over an Accepted component, where logical
Accepted A component that may be used in the delivery of a technical service
Future A component that is accepted in the target architecture, but has not been deployed or implemented
Limited Contained A supported component that is restricted to a known user community for which future deployment is actively discouraged
In Use An unsupported component that is restricted to a known user community
Prohibited Obsolete A component that met a previously accepted technical strategy that is no longer viable
Rejected A component that does not align with the technical strategy and should not be deployed

See the University of Minnesota Technology Standards.