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Computer & Device Support

Computer and Device Support provides University faculty and staff with hardware and software support services including the delivery, setup, and configuration of computers and anything that plugs into them. We also troubleshoot software issues and facilitate hardware repair.

Service Offerings

hardware purchasing

What hardware and software do you need? How do you get it? Computer and Device Support can help with the acquisition of devices and peripherals, as well as their configuration and deployment.

Hardware and Software Support and Repair

Hardware & Software Support & Repair provides computer and device support for University students, faculty, and staff. To request Technology Help, click on the blue Get Help button at the upper right corner of your screen.

Technology Recycling

The University of Minnesota outsources the recycling of used computer and electronics equipment to a third-party vendor, Dynamic Recycling, an environmentally friendly and secure vendor.

hardware management

This service provides hardware and software management and maintenance to maximize your computing power and minimize information security threats.